Aims & Objectives

What is BOAPAS? What is our mission? Who are we?

BOAPAS is an association de facto which intends to gather researchers in the field of osteoarchaeology and physical anthropology in Belgium.

  • We believe that knowing our past is important to build up our culture, identity and well being, in the present and in the future.
  • Our way to do so relies on a better knowledge of past populations and human behaviour by examining funerary practices, skeletal remains and ancient diseases.
  • The analysis of human skeletons unearthed during archaeological excavations provides a glimpse into the life trajectories of past populations, and will permit us to deepen our knowledge on that matter.
  • Therefore we aim for a strong collaboration with archaeologists, heritage employees, students and researchers, in order to obtain better methods and better results in osteoarchaeology and physical anthropology.

Aims & Objectives

The very first aim of our group is to make science go forward (in our discipline):

  • By studying osteological material from archaeological contexts;
  • By improving communication between researchers, institutions and archaeological services (public and private);
  • By offering an online contact plateform made of an email address ( and a website.

Future perspectives

Our society would like to organize conferences (national/international, disciplinary/interdisciplinary), foster the publication of papers, build up a database of osteological assemblages for researchers, and keep interested people up to date by regular communication and occasional meetings.