Dis Manibus: a brilliant exhibiton in Ath

Last month – June 22 – was launched an interesting funerary exhibition, called Dis Manibus, burials under the magnifying glass, by two talented curators & archaeologists Florine and Karine at the Gallo-Roman Space of Ath. All our colleagues agree: it was brilliantly set up. A few members of BOAPAS helped in preparing this, i.e. Caroline Polet, Alexandra Boucherie, Hélène Déom and Aubrée Godefroid.

The exhibition shows up the life and death of our Gallo-Roman ancestors, especially in the region of Ath (Nervii used to live there).

Accurate archaeo-anthropological data are explained to the visitors with various archaeological material and a few bones.

The best part is that the visitors are really put in a nice and ancient atmosphere while discovering Gallo-Roman funerary practices (including cremation burials). The tour ends up with a physical anthropologist’s corner: the office of a specialist is recreated with all tools and books a human osteologist usually uses for an analysis.

It’s a must-see for any human curious about bones and Romans!

In bonus, if you haven’t heard of this, some of our members (Charlotte Sabaux and others) are working on a PhD project about cremations: CRUMBEL.

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